Hale O Lanakila Clubhouse

Lanakila Club • 1977 Main Street.Wailuku.Hawaii.96793 • (808) 984-2156  

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Another training program offered at the clubhouse - this program serves up tasty, moderately priced boxed lunches/meals that satisfies the palate and our regulars attest to that!  Members are taught to be consistent in preparation, taste, presentation and delivery of the product; so only a limited numbers of lunches  are produced each day...order early for your box of deliciousness.

Hana Lima

Located at:  

Hale o Lanakila

1977 Main Street  

Wailuku, Hawaii  96793

(808) 984-2156

email: lanakilaclub@gmail.com

Monday - Thursday

Pick Up  11:00 to 12:00 pm

​Call in your orders by 3:00 pm the day before.