Lanakila Club Inc.

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Lanakila Club Inc.

1977 Main Street

Wailuku, Hawaii  96793

Phone:  808 984-2156

Fax:  808 984-2159

Our Mission...

Lanakila Club Inc. is a private non profit organization incorporated in 2009.  We are dedicated to serving our members of the mental health services system covering the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai in the State of Hawaii.  Lanakila Club works in conjunction with State run program Hale o Lanakila.  We assist  with seeking funding to benefit its members in creating extended programs that are structured to provide specific job skills training and psychosocial rehabilitation. Our goal is to help individuals live a life with dignity, independence and hope.  This is accomplished by providing a safe place - a clubhouse, where members socialize, make friends, learn skills to help them enter into the job force and become independent contributing citizens of our community.  We are an organization, that works collaboratively with partners for the purposes of enhancing the rehabilitation of our members through charitable events, Federal, State and private grants, educational services and social activities. 

Lanakila Club Inc., has actively developed our lunch wagon (Tutu Mango), open market (Hale Ku'ai) and catering (Hana Lima) programs for the benefit of teaching various job specific skills.  Lanakila Club Inc. provides the vision under which these programs operate.  Lanakila Club Inc. has partnerships with the State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to develop on the job training programs which include employment education and simulated workplace experiences, which in the end, can result in actual job placements and improve quality of life.